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Crew Endorsements Services


 Crew Endorsements Services for various Flag Administrations.

Even though the requirements may vary, in general the following procedure/requirements apply:

Required Information:

  • Specific Flag Administration's Application, properly filled in and signed
  • Copy of currently valid Passport
  • Copy of Currently valid Seaman's Book
  • Copy of Currently valid Certificate of Competency
  • Copy of Currently valid Endorsement of the Certificate of Competency
  • True Copy or Original Currently valid Medical Certificate
  • Copies of Training Certificates (for the four Basic Training Courses)
  • Copies of all other available Training Certificates 
  • Applicant's photo (passport size)


Based on the submitted copies of the specific Flag Administration's Application / Training Certificates / Supporting Documentation, provisional endorsements (with a 3-month validity) may be obtained (in the form of Letter of Receipt / Certificate of Acceptance of Application etc).

Within the validity period of the provisional endorsements, the required original documents as specified above need to be submitted to our offices, in order to be forwarded to the Flag Administration.

The Flag Administration will review the submitted information, confirm the authenticity of the Certificates of Competency / Endorsements with the issuing authorities and then proceed to issue permanent endorsements.

Again, the procedure varies between Flag Administrations and permanent Endorsements or Permanent Endorsements and Seaman's Books are issued, valid for 5 years.

The procedure for Renewals of Crew Endorsements is the same as above.